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FHP Group Leader - Job Announcement open Feb 27 - Mar 3
by Ramsfield, Tod
1 year
XXVI IUFRO World Congress: Call for Abstracts
by Brigitte Burger
1 year
FW: [fisnet] Forest Health - Needs assessment
by Bonello, Enrico
1 year
Southern Forest Insect Work Conference, 25-27 July 2023, Raleigh, North Carolina USA
by Shepherd, William - FS, LA
1 year
Pre-registration for the IUFRO conference on "Global challenges and innovative management of bark and wood borers in planted forests"
by Herve Jactel
1 year
IUFRO 2024 - Session on resilience to biodiversity threats in seed banks, living collections
by Geoffrey Williams
1 year, 1 month
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