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XXVI IUFRO World Congress 2024 – session "Never waste pandemics: lessons learned from past forest disease outbreaks"
by Ari Hietala
1 year
First Announcement: IUFRO WP7.02.13 Meeting | Brazil | September 2023
by Stuart Fraser
1 year
Session IUFRO 2024: ‘Risk-based surveillance for quarantine forest pests’
by Benno Andreas Augustinus
1 year
Soliciting submissions for session T2.6 IUFRO World Congress 2024
by Brigitte Burger
1 year
Pine Wilt Disease International Symposium PWD2023/ Nanjing (China)
by Luís Bonifácio
1 year
IUFRO Congress session on history of forest health management
by Andrew Liebhold
1 year
IUFRO Stockholm - technical session on Needle diseases of conifers
by Caterina Villari
1 year
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