IUFRO WP 7.01.08

This list is intended to provide a forum where scientists can discuss issues relating to IUFRO Working Party 7.01.08 - Impacts of air pollution and climate change on forest ecosystems - Hydroecology. 

One of the major research fields of air pollution and climate change impacts on forests is "forest-water" relationships simply because water is the most important ecological factor affecting, shaping, and limiting forest ecosystems.

Air pollution and Climate change will/may change availability, quality and allocation of regional water resources by affecting water cycle. Besides water is a vital/major component of ecosystems. To shape them (climax vegetation) and to affect their health (drought, nutrient cycles, insects, etc.).

A specific discipline of ecology covers this field, called HYDROECOLOGY. It implies research at the interface between ecology and hydrology. The prefix "hydro" in "hydroecology" indicates it is a modifier of the word "ecology" and thus the discipline is more about ecology than hydrology.

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