IUFRO Short Scientific Visits (SSV)

In 2023, IUFRO’s Special Programme for Development of Capacities will offer grants of up to €5,000 for Short Scientific Visits for early career scientists affiliated with IUFRO member organisations. These visits will provide a unique opportunity for young scientists from Africa, Asia and Latin America to visit a forest research organisation overseas and conduct international scientific collaboration.

IUFRO is conscious of the importance of connecting the young forest science community to address challenges facing forests and forestry. Broadly, we strive to provide these future leaders with international experience to better equip them to address future global challenges and identify, create and fully utilise emerging opportunities.

The desired outcome is to provide both the grantee and their affiliated organisation with the opportunity to build research collaboration and capacity and to provide opportunities extending beyond the initial scientific exchange. The goals for the grantee are broad and could include for example, skills development, establishing productive relationships with scientific peers in the host country, using the visit to benefit their own research and, if possible, publishing of scientific material.


Potential applicants are required to contact the potential host organisation prior to applying for a grant. Together they shall develop and agree on essential elements for the short scientific visit grant application including a project proposal and work plan, timing and duration of the proposed visit, and a mentor in the host country.

Candidates interested in applying for a short scientific visit grant should complete the online application form and submit their complete application documents in one PDF including all required application documents (work plan, endorsement letter by host and applicant’s Head of Department, and CV of applicant and mentor) by 31 July 2023. The PDF document should be uploaded with a filename following the format “SSV_FirstnameLastnameCountry.pdf” to this link. Only complete applications will be considered.

For more information, please visit this web page.


The applicants will be selected on a competitive basis in accordance with the following criteria

  • Originality and relevance of the research topic
  • Applicant’s previous experience and work on the proposed research topic
  • Overall quality of the work plan
  • Feasibility of the work planned at the host institution
  • Geographic and gender balance

Applicants that have not previously been awarded a grant for a short scientific visit have preference.


The grant supporting the scientific visits will be a lump sum payment of up to €5,000 that will be paid once the grantee has acknowledged that the application has been successful and upon signing of the grant acceptance agreement.

The funding should cover travel and subsistence costs for the period of the grant.


The applicant will be responsible for obtaining the agreement of the host institution before submitting the application. While the applicant needs to be affiliated with a member organisation of IUFRO, the host institution need not necessarily be a member institution. If you are interested in hosting an SSV, we encourage you to share this application with potential candidates.


Please see the relevant documents and information on the web page.

Should you have any questions regarding the grant application, please contact Mr Daniel Boehnke (boehnke@iufro.org).


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