Dear IUFRO Landscape Ecology WP members,

In October, during the IUFRO World Congress in Curitiba, the IUFRO Landscape Ecology Working Party will elect Officers for the coming two years. Working Party Officers are responsible for managing and coordination the working party, nominating regional and thematic coordinators, and articulating the activity of the WP with IUFRO and other institutions, among other responsibilities.

We hereby declare our intention of running to Working Party Officers in the coming election. Our motivation is mainly to maintain the dynamics of this extraordinary network of landscape ecologists and other scientists and practitioners which has had an enormous impact in science and in professional activities that somehow involve landscapes and trees.

With this candidature we specifically aim to:
-  Maintain the interaction among members of the WP, either landscape ecologists, forest scientists and practitioners in these and related fields and their organizations to promote knowledge and experience exchange and sustainable management of landscapes and forests,
-  Preserve the geographic structure of the WP including coordinators and representatives from all regions and continents in the world,
-  Improve institutional cooperation with other organizations in fields related to landscapes and forests, namely through the work of thematic coordinators for IUFRO-IALE and for urban forestry,
-  Maintain the regular organization of international conferences across the world on relevant topics for the landscape ecology and forest communities,
-  Maintain the regular publication of books, special issues and individual papers resulting from the events organized by the WP and from other initiatives of the WP members, and
-  Increase the involvement of young researchers in the structure of the WP.

This candidature involves João Azevedo, as chair, and Peilei Fan and Jose Alberto Gobbi, as deputies of the Working Group, as well as the following regional coordinators:
Pınar Pamukçu Albers: Europe
Ke-Ming Ma: China
Dolors Armenteras: Latin America
Ken Sugimura: Japan and Oceania
Peilei Fan: North America
Syed Ajijur Rahman: South & South-east Asia

The structure of the WP will also include the thematic coordinators Dolors Armenteras for IALE-IUFRO affairs and Giovanni Sanesi for Urban Forestry. The WP will create a new coordination position directed to your researchers, to be nominated after the election.

The election will be on October 2, from 18:30 to 19:20 in Room R10 - WING 2. Please let me know if you will be there.

Nevertheless, we hope to count with your support.

See you in Curitiba or in the 2021 IUFRO Landscape Ecology International Conference.

João Azevedo

João Azevedo, Prof. Coordenador  
Vice-Coordenador do Centro de Investigação de Montanha (CIMO) 

Instituto Politécnico de Bragança
Escola Superior Agrária
Campus de Santa Apolónia
5300-253 BRAGANÇA

telefones: (+351) 273 330 901 / 273 303 341