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Assunto: [IUFRO Div 8] PhD position at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station
Data: Thu, 23 Jun 2022 18:19:42 +0000
De: Brigitte Burger <>
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Modelling species population dynamics with nature conservation laws


The PhD position takes place within the project Can laws save the natural world? funded by the Swedish Research Council VR, which aims to quantitatively understand how endangered species can benefit from nature conservation laws. The project presents a high level of novelty and will provide important implications for conservation. This position, along with a parallel PhD position in environmental law, is one of the key components of the project. Specifically, we are looking for a highly motivated graduate student who will 1) develop quantitative population models of endangered species to align concepts defined in European species conservation law with measurable ecological counterparts that are applicable across many taxa, 2) develop quantitative analyses to document the effects of legal protection on species trends and 3) analyze patterns of biodiversity-related legal aspects across European countries (such as e.g. court cases). The research will involve different taxa but has a clear emphasis on large carnivores, such as wolves, bears and lynx. The PhD position aims to be interdisciplinary, being both intensive in quantitative modelling and requiring an ability to understand legal concepts and their use by stakeholders.



Required: a master degree (or equivalent) with a specialization in quantitative ecology, ecological modelling, biodiversity conservation or evolutionary ecology, a demonstrated ability to write one’s own analyses in R and a professional level fluency in English (see also below). Desirable: a demonstrated experience of using additional computer programming languages for scientific analysis, an interest in endangered species conservation, experience in scholarly publishing and knowledge of European nature conservation laws and policies. Also relevant: ability and experience to inform and communicate with diverse stakeholders such as authorities, governments or the European Commission. Interpersonal skills will form an important part of the candidate selection.


Additional details and information how to apply:



Guillaume Chapron


Department of Ecology

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

SE - 73993 Riddarhyttan, Sweden