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Issue 1, 2022


IUFRO NEWS 1, 2022

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Supporting the Forest Science Community in Economically Disadvantaged Countries

Photo showing Workshops are appreciated for providing enhanced networking opportunities, inter-personal, and language skills development and for establishing professional connections among international peers, leading – more often than not - to lasting friendships. Photo credit: IUFRO

In this interview with the Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator of IUFRO's Special Programme for Development of Capacities (IUFRO-SPDC) you will learn about how forest scientists and institutions in economically disadvantaged regions are enabled to play a more impactful role in achieving overall sustainable development.  More




Un-earthing Local Experiences and Systems for Restoring Forest Landscapes

Photo showing Panellists discuss the role of FLR achieving SDG 15 during the workshop. (right) FLR activities in India (left). Photo: Forest College & Research Institute, Telangana, India

Taking action to address land degradation and the climate crisis, 75 experts from all regions of India and overseas convened online at the International Knowledge-Sharing Workshop "Best Practices for Implementing FLR in South Asia", hosted from 9-12 November 2021. Read this report by IUFRO-SPDC to find out more




Forest Ecosystem Management Decision Making Methods: An Integrated Bioeconomic Approach to Sustainability

Photo showing Participants at the 2021 BIOECOSYS Final Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, December 6, 2021 (photos by Márcia Campana and Barbara Pavani, screenshot from the YouTube link below)

The 2021 BIOECOSYS Final Conference brought together expertise and experience in forest ecosystem management and economics, to communicate recent findings and to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and best practices to stakeholders and forest actors. Find out more


Natural and Cultural Heritage in Forests – Contemporary Challenges

Photo showing Traces of ancient forest settlements in the Kampinoski National Park, Poland Photo provided by Emilia Janeczko.

Natural and cultural heritage are development assets that offer unique development opportunities and a high-quality living environment. Participants of a conference held in Poland last December concluded that modern technologies for investigating inaccessible areas, as well as communication with the local community, make it possible to learn more about places and understand their history. More



International IUFRO Symposium on Pine Wilt Disease (PWD2020)

Photo showing The pine wood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, the insect vector, Monochamus galloprovincialis, and susceptible pine trees constitute a complex multi-player system that could lead to pine wilt and death. Picture kindly provided by INRAE.

Native to North America, the pine wood nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus was accidentally introduced in Asia and later in Europe, where it has been causing severe damage. The scientific community is studying this invasive pathogenic nematode, its insect vector (Monochamus spp.), the susceptibility of pine trees, as well as associated fungi and bacteria. Findings were discussed at an online conference from France on 22-26 November 2021. More


Mediterranean Forest Health in the Context of Global Change

Photo showing Beech stand partly killed by pests and pathogens in the Italian Apennine mountains. Photo provided by Andrea Battisti.

Mediterranean forests are complex social-ecological systems characterized by wide biodiversity and a high level of spatial and environmental heterogeneity. An online advanced course last November presented current knowledge, concepts, criteria and methods concerning forest health assessment, monitoring and management in a context of global change. More




REMINDER – Call for Bids for Hosting the XXVII IUFRO World Congress in 2029 Still Open!

Photo showing a watch. Photo: absolutevision on Pixabay

IUFRO Member Organizations around the world are encouraged to consider submitting a bid for this highly important IUFRO event. The IUFRO World Congress is a unique opportunity for your organization and your country to host a global research community and advance science for the benefit of forests and people. More




Global Forest Information Service Discontinued

After more than 20 years of disseminating forest-related information from around the world, the Global Forest Information Service (GFIS) operated by IUFRO and partners has come to an end. IUFRO's new policy will concentrate on IUFRO-generated information with the vision of creating its own online information resources center. More


XPRIZE Rainforest and IUFRO Partner up for a Better Understanding of Rainforests

Photo showing trees an a lake. Photo by praesentator on Pixabay

Launched in 2019, the $10 Million XPRIZE Rainforest is a five-year global competition challenging innovators to develop new technologies to rapidly and comprehensively survey rainforest biodiversity. To support and promote the competition, XPRIZE Rainforest has now entered into a partnership agreement with IUFRO. More





Professor Jeffery Burley (1936-2021)

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Professor Jeffery Burley, IUFRO Past President. He will be dearly missed by the IUFRO community. A dedicated educator, an accomplished scientist, and a wonderful mentor, he was also a tireless champion for forests and their sustainable management. More





Dr. Frank H. Wadsworth (1915-2022)

Frank H. Wadsworth, an influential leader in tropical forest research, management and training over many decades, passed away on January 5th, 2022, at the age of 106 in Puerto Rico, his home since 1942. Dr. Wadsworth will be long remembered by the generations of foresters, researchers, students and youth who he mentored. More






Visit the IUFRO Noticeboard to see the latest positions announced by IUFRO member organizations. More





Latest GFEP Policy Brief Now Available in French!

IUFRO's Global Forest Expert Panels (GFEP) Programme launched the French version of their latest publication, "Forests, Trees and Poverty Alleviation in Africa: An Expanded Policy Brief", on 17 January 2022. The publication outlines the most important scientific evidence of the nexus of forests, trees, and poverty in Africa, explains the context, and highlights key conclusions to be taken into account by stakeholders across Africa. More





IUFRO Occasional Paper 34: Forest Landscape Restoration Governance, selected cases in Ghana and India

An understanding of governance issues is key to implementing forest landscape restoration projects. This report looks at case studies in Ghana and India and highlights important differences in the political, legal and institutional environments and the need to recognize opportunities and limitations in restoring land based on the local context. More




Building a Successful Forestry Career - Now Available in French

The French edition of the book "Building a Successful Forestry Career in Africa: Inspirational Stories and Opportunities" is now ready for download. It provides insights into exciting forestry career opportunities also beyond the forests and offers inspiration and tips for the next generation of African foresters! More





IUFRO Occasional Paper 35: Forest Legislation in Latin America

Photo showing a forest from above, with a river crossing through. Photo Alessandro Panasolo

In this bilingual (English and Spanish) publication members of the Latin American Network of Environmental Forestry Law (RELADEFA), which operates in the framework of IUFRO Working Party 9.06.01, present comprehensive and in-depth information about the situation of forests and forest legislation in 15 Latin American countries. More



IUFRO Spotlight #91 - Science-Policy Practice Interface for Managing Forest and Water Interactions under a Changing Environment

Photo showing a lake with forested mountains. Photo Vandaagevenniet on Pixabay

The IUFRO-sponsored Forests and Water science-policy forum at the IUFRO World Day provided a platform for scientists, forest managers and decision-makers from the Asia-Oceania region to share insights and experiences about forest and water interactions from different perspectives. More



IUFRO Spotlight #92 - Forests and Fire - Intersectionality of Forests and People

Photo showing a burning forest. Photo by Balbina Soriano

The IUFRO World Day panel discussion between scientists, practitioners and decision-makers examined forests and wildfire research in the Americas. Panelists noted that some of the wildfire management methods currently employed have been overtaken by events – primarily climate change – and new approaches and strategies that are more reflective of current conditions must be developed. More



Proceedings, Books, Journals

International Conference "European Forests – Our Cultural heritage"
IUFRO Working Party (WP) 9.03.01 Economic and Social Forest History and IUFRO WP 9.03.02 Forest and Culture, jointly with the Austrian Forest Association's Working Party Forest History held a conference on 4-7 December 2018 in St. Georgen am Längsee, Carinthia, Austria. More





Congratulations to IUFRO Members!

Longstanding IUFRO Members BOKU, Vienna, and FVA Baden-Württemberg celebrate their 150th anniversary in 2022. The slogan of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, Austria for celebrations is: "150 Years – Featuring Future". Forest Research Institute (FVA) Baden-Württemberg together with the other members of NFZ.forestnet hosted the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress in 2017! More


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