Dear Colleagues of IUFRO Division 2 and IUFRO 2.09.02 Unit,


Dr. Jean-Paul Ducos (Nestlé S.A., Tours, France) would like to inform us that a permanent job position for a Research specialist (Junior breeder) has just been announced (April 8, 2021).


The position is located at the Nestlé Plant Science Research Unit located in Tours (France) and requires confirmed experience in the field of plant genetics, plant selection and biotechnology. This job is dedicated to the development and implementation of new technologies focusing on the selection of improved plant material of interest for the Nestlé’s supply chain (coffee and cocoa).


For more information, follow this link. Contact: Sophie Lair


Deadline for the application: June 8, 2021.



Be informed that there is also another related open position at Nestlé (announced March 19, 2021) for a Coffee Agriculture R&D specialist with a solid scientific background in Agriculture/Agronomy and project management. This position will be located in Tours (France) or Lausanne (Switzerland) and will lead the Agricultural R&D activities associated to coffee production in order to meet Nestlé’s commitments in sustainability and climate change (including agroforestry issues).


More information here (Contact: Sophie Lair). Note that the deadline for application is now quite short (April 19, 2021).


Thank you for disseminating the information to any interested colleagues and/or in your respective Institutes/Organizations.


This information is also posted at the IUFRO 2.09.02 Unit Noticeboard.


Kind regards,


Jean-François Trontin, FCBA

IUFRO 2.09.02 Coordinator

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