Dear Working Party on Genetics and Silviculture of Acacias:

I am hoping that the announcement below can be posted to the members of the Working Party.

Sheila Ward


Reactivation of the International Society of Tropical Foresters


Dear International Foresters:


We are reactivating the International Society of Tropical Foresters which has been dormant for the last five years. The first step is to rebuild the list of people interested in ISTF. If you would like to connect with us, please send the following information to Teija Reyes or Sheila Ward


First and last name


Email address

Web page (if any)

Country of origin

Country of residence

Organization or institution


Short description of areas of expertise (25 words or less)

Countries of professional experience


At present, we have three sources of information for International Tropical Foresters.


1) Blair Orr at Michigan Technical University has kindly continued the ISTF newsletter as a newsletter for the Society of American Foresters International Forestry Working Group, and is still sending it to the old ISTF mailing list. This newsletter can be downloaded at:


If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter, please send your email address to Teija Reyes or Sheila Ward and they  will send it on to Blair.


2) The old ISTF web page can be still be found at


3) You can join the ISTF facebook group page at:


We hope to have your participation in the new ISTF! Please forward this to others.


Teija Reyes and Sheila Ward