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IUFRO NEWS 11/12, 2021

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World Forests, Society and Environment

Photo showing Restoration of degraded forest reserve. Photo Form Ghana Ltd.

Read an interview Dr. Pia Katila, Coordinator of IUFRO's Special Project on World Forests, Society and Environment (IUFRO-WFSE). She talks about the development and aims of the Project, recent highlights and achievements and a major publication to be launched in 2022. More



IUFRO News in its 50th Year

The leading article of IUFRO News Vol. 31, 2002, issue 4, had the title "The Year of Changes". It highlighted the new visual image of IUFRO, among other things, and a call for the "continuation of change" by then IUFRO President Risto Seppälä. It also included a comprehensive article about IUFRO-WFSE. More



ITTO and IUFRO Release Learning Modules to Encourage Forest Landscape Restoration

Photo showing High school students learning about forest values during a field trip to the Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary in Sarawak, Malaysia. Photo: Sarawak Forest Department.

The International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) and IUFRO have released a free series of learning modules for high-school and university students to guide further understanding on forest landscape restoration (FLR). The modules were prepared as a contribution to the 2021–2030 UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. More



ESCAMP Supports Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) Mentorship in Sri Lanka

Photo showing a Screenshot from ESCAMP video

The Sri Lankan Forest Department, Ecosystem Conservation and Management Project (ESCAMP) project, with the collaboration of IUFRO, is implementing a two-year program aiming to address the current shortage of trained forest landscape restoration practitioners in the country. The project is also presented in a series of videos. More



First Meeting of the Global Forest Expert Panel on Forests and Human Health

Photo showing a person walking in a park. Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash.

Renowned scientists with diverse expertise were invited to join the Global Forest Expert Panel (GFEP) on Forests and Human Health. The Panel comprises a wide range of expertise including, epidemiology, public health, urban forestry, mental health and recreation, resource valuation, traditional knowledge, and food and nutrition, to mention a few. More



40th Anniversary Conference of IUFRO Research Group 4.05.00

Photo showing a forest. Photo by Tomáš Pospíšil.

On 4-6 October 2021, the annual conference of IUFRO Research Group (RG) 4.05.00 Managerial Economics and Accounting and its Working Parties (WP) to discuss managerial, social and environmental aspects of the forest-based sector for sustainable development and celebrate the Groups 40th anniversary. More




Air Pollution Threats to Plant Ecosystems

Photo showing APPC2021 - Group photo by M.S. Alam

Air pollution and climate change remain a threat to natural ecosystems, urging for international cooperation and unified research efforts. The Mediterranean region is key for addressing global goals on plant ecosystems due to its unique biodiversity. A conference in Paphos, Cyprus, on 11-15 October, put the focus on these goals. More



Tree Resistance to Diseases and Pests – Interaction with and Facilitation by the Microbiome

Photo showing webinar announcement. Screenshot provided by Caterina Villari.

Tree resistance to pests and pathogens can be driven by different and often interlinked mechanisms, such as the presence of mechanical or chemical direct defenses The webinar on 13 October 2021 aimed to discuss one aspect that is still relatively unexplored, namely the role of the host-associated microbiome in modulating resistance. More



Automation in Forest Operations

Forest operations are evolving rapidly. Thanks to the development of technology a number of applications are now available as fully applicable products or at concept/prototype stages in the area of teleoperation, semi-automation and full automation. The webinar series "Automation in Forest Operations" comprised three webinars. More



3rd IUFRO Acacia Conference 2021

Photo showing Keynote address by Dr. Sadanandan Nambiar Credit: Forest Department Sarawak

Non-native acacias have become dominant components of many Southeast Asian plantation landscapes. They are increasingly being threatened by insect pests and pathogens. Regional collaboration in Southeast Asia is urgently needed. Against this background, 620 participants from 29 countries attended the 3rd IUFRO Acacia Conference 2021. More



Introduction, Breeding, Propagation and Deployment of Pacific Northwest Conifers Around the World: 70 Years of Progress, Opportunities and Challenges

Photo showing Group Photo of WP 2.02.05 meeting, Day 2. Credit: LE STUDIUM

The Working Party on Breeding and Genetic Resources of Pacific Northwest Conifers held a virtual meeting on November 8-10, which covered a wide range of topics, including provenance variation, IUFRO trials, species introduction, genetics, breeding, seed orchards, biotic threats including drought and adaptation to climate change, etc. More



IUFRO All-Division 1 Online Discussion

Research on silviculture is often conducted at tree or stand level. However, recent forest-related issues require a scale-up of silvicultural research at forest and landscape levels. Therefore, the all-Division meeting on 16-18 November 2021 was titled "Scaling-up from tree and stand level research to sustainable silviculture at forest and landscape level". More



Population Genetics and Genomics Research for Conservation, Climate Adaptation, Sustainable Management and Breeding of Tropical Trees (IUFRO World Day Session)

The Working Party on Population, Ecological and Conservation Genetics organized a session as part of the IUFRO World Day on 29 September 2021 to highlight emerging population genetics and genomics approaches for much needed conservation and sustainable management and utilization of tree genetic resources. More



Congratulations to Shirong Liu, IUFRO Vice-President!

Photo showing Team members working in experimental field. Photo credit: ECTF.

The interdisciplinary project – The Cornerstone Technology in Managing Typical Forest Ecosystems in Southern China for Multiple Functions and Its Application – led by Prof. Liu Shirong, President of Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) was awarded the second prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award. More



Congratulations to Mike Wingfield, IUFRO Immediate Past President!

On 16 November, the University of Pretoria (UP) announced that Professor Mike Wingfield had been named on the annual Highly Cited Researchers™ 2021 list from Clarivate. Prof. Wingfield, Advisor to the UP Executive and a Forestry and Agriculture Biotechnology Institute (FABI) research professor, features on the prestigious list for the fifth consecutive year. More




Trends in Forest-related Employment and Tertiary Education: Insights from Selected Key Countries around the Globe

The report highlights trends in forest-related employment, including green jobs, in seven selected countries: Brazil, China, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, South Africa and the United States of America, and provides insights into how forest-related tertiary education in these countries is addressing these trends. More



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