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The world today is undergoing rapid socio-economic and technological changes, which have implications for the forest and environment sector, in turn affecting the ecological, economic and social well being of the people. The forestry sector must keep pace and adapt to these changes. The "Commonwealth" refers to the Commonwealth of Nations, an association of 53 sovereign nations that works together to achieve international goals such as Peace, Democracy and Consensus-building, Law, Human Rights and Development, Environmentally Sustainable Economic Development with greater trust and mutual understanding. Environment and forests are global resources and need to be focused upon by the global fraternity due to the pressures they are under as a result of the alarming growth in the human population, pressures that are being exacerbated by climate and environmental change. The year 2017 will be a key occasion for forestry professionals, academicians and all those interested in and associated with forestry sector in the Commonwealth; they will gather and share their experiences with a view to learn and develop a vision for the future that will involve inclusive and sustainable growth and development. The commonwealth forestry conferences have been held since 1920, when the first (Empire) Forestry Conference was held in London. Since then, the conferences have been held regularly to discuss  various aspects of  management of forests and focus the action on the changing priorities of the forestry sector.

The 19th Commonwealth Forestry Conference is scheduled to be held at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, India from 3rd to 7th April, 2017. The ICFRE and FRI will be the Focal point of the conference, with support from MOEF & CC, Government of India and Commonwealth Forestry Association. The major theme of the conference will be: "Forests for Prosperity and Posterity"

Abstract submission

Abstract submission will be open until 7 November 2016, at, containing detailed instructions on how to proceed. The sub-themes are:


1.       Biodiversity conservation and management

2.       Livelihood and economic security from forests

3.       Diversification, multiple use and sustainable harvest

4.       Good governance in forestry

5.       Forests and climate change

6.       Forest and water


The CFC-2017 Secretariat is looking forward to receiving your abstracts!




posted by Brigitte Burger, IUFRO Headquarters