Dear Colleagues of IUFRO Division 2 and IUFRO 2.09.02 Unit,


Following the 4th Conference of the IUFRO Unit 2.09.02 “Somatic embryogenesis and other vegetative propagation technologies” that was held in La Plata, Argentina (FCAyF-UNLP, Sept. 19-23, 2016), we are pleased to announce that the Proceedings on “Development and application of vegetative propagation technologies in plantation forestry to cope with a changing climate and environment” have been published recently at the following IUFRO webpages:


Please forward this Email to any colleague in your team interested by vegetative propagation technologies of trees/woody plants and related issues!


On behalf of all IUFRO 2.09.02 members, I would like here to warmly thank Dr. Sandra Sharry (University of La Plata, Argentina) and the local organizing team of this successful IUFRO 2.09.02 conference, the hosting/supporting organizations (FCAyF-UNLP, CIEFAP, NIFoS) as well as all other sponsors.


Thank you to all contributors to these Proceedings that contain no less than 18 full articles, 17 extended abstracts and 19 short abstracts. I take this opportunity to warmly thank Dr. Jan M. Bonga (NRC/Canadian Forest Service) who handled most of the contributions during the reviewing process. For sure Jan, this project turned into a much bigger job than we had anticipated!


We hope that you will enjoy the Proceedings and find interesting data/information!


Our 5th IUFRO 2.09.02 Conference is already scheduled next year for Sept. 10-15, 2018. Dr. Jorge Canhoto & Dr. Sandra Correia (University of Coimbra) are planning to welcome us in the beautiful city of Coimbra, Portugal. Thanks Sandra and Jorge for the proposal!

We would like therefore to kindly suggest that you consider this conference on vegetative propagation of trees as your primary choice if you plan on attending conferences in 2018! Join us for the latest advances in vegetative propagation of trees and also to discover the “Secrets of Coimbra”!


Finally, Dr. Mariano Toribio (IMIDRA, Spain) and Dr. Heung-Kyu Moon (NIFoS, Republic of Korea) announced during the preparation of la Plata 2016, that they are (or close to be) ready for retirement and therefore resigned from their responsibilities as Deputy Coordinators of our IUFRO 2.09.02 Unit since 2008. Mariano and Heung-Kyu, you have all the warmest thanks and regards from our members for your dedication to this IUFRO Unit. With our founding Coordinator Yill-Sung Park, you certainly contributed with this Unit to fill a long-standing gap and encourage good science, active collaborations and also friendship in the field of vegetative propagation of forest trees and enabling technologies!


A new Coordination Team has been set up since the beginning of 2017 and I’m very pleased to introduce Dr. Paloma Moncaleán (Neiker-Tecnalia, Spain) and Dr. Yong-Wook Kim (NIFoS, Republic of Korea) as the new Deputy Coordinators of the IUFRO 2.09.02 Unit. Thanks Paloma and Yong-Wook to have accepted this demanding but inspiring task!


Of course Yill-Sung, Mariano and Heung-Kyu you are very welcome as Honorary Members of the Coordination Team. We will further need your sound advice and guidance!


We are looking forward to hearing from you during forthcoming IUFRO 2.09.02 activities and events, especially Coimbra 2018!


Kind regards,


Jean-François Trontin

IUFRO 2.09.02 Coordinator






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Somatic embryogenesis and other vegetative propagation technologies

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